2019. Really??

I was looking through some files on my computer. Back in 2009 I had a camera that, for some reason, incorrectly time-stamped all the of files as if they were created in 2019. It was just an absurd sounding year, I thought. Coming across those pictures and videos in recent days, supposedly shot this coming August, was a pretty strange feeling.

Maybe it's both

I’m an open book. I’ve always been inclined to share everything with everyone, and it’s why my songs are truthfully honest. I promise that I’m still writing new songs, and will always continue to, but I wanted to add another piece of prose to the story; exposition, if you will.

My Little Girl

I figured I’d write a blog post to update you all on how Kate is doing.

Leap of Faith

I’ve spent a long time trying to keep the kid inside of me alive. I’ve always looked back, even at much younger ages, and thought about time spent and years lost. I’ve been afraid of change, so I’ve lived my life the same way for a long time - in the same place for a long time. Sometimes it seems scary to take that leap of faith that you’ve been aching to take. Often I have to remind myself that the few times I’ve taken great leaps of faith, I’ve always managed to land on my feet in one way or another. It has required a certain level of growth, but I’ve come to realize that there’s actually a great deal of excitement in the prospect of pivoting towards a previously unimagined outcome.

There Are Actually No Chapters

Someone very important once told me to ask myself: “does it matter how MANY people you are significant to, or is it more important HOW significant you are to the people who matter to you?”

Everyone's Got Their Own...

 It’s difficult to get to know each other 140 characters at a time. It’s even harder to delve into deeply rooted emotional struggle, or elation, and the unpredictable swaying scale balancing the two.

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